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Betsy Aguirre
Siena Studios Gallery
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Several images can be made into fine art giclees (prints) on watercolor paper.

Just contact Betsy on her phone or email for more information.


Hawaiian Coastline


Island From the Sky


Water Flows




Sunset Sailing


Southwestern Poppies


Perkinsville River


Rio Maggiorre


Patriotic Prescott Home




Tuscano Wine Country


Pitigliano Arches



Autumn Sunset


Wright House


Blue Flags of Orvieto


Ascending Assissi


Olive Oil and Peppers



Marina Ballroom                                                                                                                                                                                 North Island



Patriotic Portico



Autumn Glow



Sedona Cliffs                                                                                                       Sedona Patterns


Tuscan Hillside



Nature's Pallet



Propeller Aircraft Collage


Upside Down



Wildcat and Clouds                                                                                            Tri Color Airshow


Mono Sunset


White Floral Cluster


Jerome Primary


Balboa Dome






Mother and Child


Whipped Cream Wedding